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Quiet cover for GC-MS

Quiet Cover for GC-MS from Agilent

Agilent has a solution to the annoying, frequent maintenance of GC-MS rough pumps (visual check of oil levels, oil changes, oil additions, clean-up of oil leaks, etc.), as well as the inherent noise produced by the pumps.

The Quiet Cover GC-MS was designed for easy movement, maintenance, and better living with rough pumps used with Agilent and other GC-MS systems.

The Quiet Cover GC-MS is compatible with rough pump models used in many laboratories, including the Agilent DS42, Agilent DS42i, Agilent IDP-3*, Pfieffier Duo 2.5, and Edwards E2M1.5. This quiet cover model is compatible with Agilent 5977 GC-MS, 5975 GC-MS and 5973 GC-MS systems.

*For the Agilent IDP-3, also order the install kit, IDP3 for G6014 Quiet Cover (G6014-68000).

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G6014-68000 Installation kit IDP3 to G6014 Quiet cover
G6014B Quiet Cover for GC-MS, Pfeiffer Duo 2.5G (or higher), Agilent DS42/DS42i, Edwards E2M1.5 2.5 Vacuum Pumps 1
G3199C Quiet Cover II, for Rough Pump, Compatible with BOC Edwards Pumps E1M18, E2M18, E2M28, E2M30, RV3, RV5, RV8, and RV13 1
  • No tools necessary to remove sectioned cover for easy access to pump
  • Built in Lift and Tilt lever raises end of pump to drain oil
  • Removable molded plastic drip pan with well and hand holds to collect and transport oil
  • Sound absorbing cabinet with resistant foam insulation to reduce pump noise
  • Pump mounted on cushioned grommets to minimize vibration
  • Integrated fan maintains temperature inside cover
  • Internal LED clearly illuminates oil level
  • LEDs and audible alarm if temperature exceeds 35 °C limit
  • Temperature: Maximum ambient temperature of 35 °C when airflow is neither restricted nor recycled
  • Standard one-year warranty. Installation and familiarization included with new GC/MS orders

Reliable noise control - Sound-absorbing cabinet with resistant foam insulation effectively reduces pump noise, while cushioned mounts minimize vibration

Less risk of pump overheating - Integrated fans maintain temperatures inside the cover; if the temperature exceeds 35 °C, an alarm will sound

Easier pump maintenance - A built-in kickstand, no-mess drip pan, and lift-and-tilt kickstand simplify oil changes and other routine tasks. In addition, a sectioned cover gives you fast pump access without tools.

Confident operation - Each cover is protected by Agilent’s standard one-year warranty

Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

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Quiet Cover Flyer (685.98 kB)

Quiet that loud rough pump once and for all

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