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Renewable Gas Purification System

Renewable Gas Purification System from Agilent

The Renewable Gas Purification System from Agilent not only traps large quantities of contaminants and lasts a long time, but it is also recyclable. With average use, you’ll only have to purchase a replacement cartridge once per year or after approximately 20 cylinders’ worth of purification. When you need a replacement, you have the option to purchase a new or recycled cartridge. Recycled cartridges are refilled and certified to the full specification of the new cartridges.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G3440-69003 DG-EXCH-Renewable Gas Recycled Cartridge 1
G3440-60003 DG-New-Renewable Gas Purifier Cartridge 1
G3440-60004 DG-Renewable Gas Purifier - New Start-up Kit
G3440-80007 Renewable Gas Purifier - Base Only 1
G3440-90001 Renewable Gas Purifier - System Manual 1
G3440-90000 Renewable Gas Purifier Cartridge Manual 1
5190-1414 Renewable Gas Purifier-Return Package 1
  • Agilent's highest capacity and most economical purification system
  • All cartridges are environmentally friendly and reduce waste
  • High-capacity – 850 cc or more oxygen filtration, 12 g H2O, and approximately 8 g hydrocarbon filtration per cartridge – in a compact footprint
  • Improves 99.995% gas purity to 99.9995% purity
  • Dual indicators make it easy to see the purification results
  • Labeling displays indicator color and shape for accurate reading
  • Simple twist on/off knob and guide rod make cartridge changes quick and easy
  • One Renewable Purifier system can support up to four GC systems
  • Designed with efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility in mind
  • All replacement cartridges include return packaging and instructions
Agilent General Chromatography Brochure (4.48 MB)
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