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Sample Compartment Kits

Sample Compartment Kits from Agilent

Agilent's ICP-OES series are compatible with a range of accessories and supplies designed to extend the capabilities of the instruments. Our single-pass glass cyclonic spray chamber provides good signal-to-noise performance. The double-pass glass cyclonic chamber provides improved plasma stability with organic and high TDS samples. The Sturman-Masters spray chamber is inert and minimizes interferences, improving stability with high TDS samples.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
9910057100 ICP Sample compart/torch box Tubing kit
9910057200 ICP Sample compartment O-Ring kit 1pk
6910017400 O-Ring nitrile 2-3/16id x 2-3/8od x 3/32in O-ring for body of Sturman-Masters spray chamber used with ICP-OES 
9910097500 Tubing and connectors kit - axial ICP
9910105400 Tubing and connectors kit - radial ICP
Agilent Spectroscopy Supplies Catalogue 2023 (6.81 MB)
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