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SIPS 10/20 Tee Pieces

SIPS 10/20 Tee Pieces from Agilent

  • The tee piece is available as a two-way tee for use with the SIPS 10, or a three-way tee for use with the dual pump SIPS 20
  • The tee piece allows mixing of the sample flow with the diluent, and the modifier/internal standard with the dual pump SIPS 20, before this mixed solution is introduced into the nebulizer for flame AA
Part Number Short Description Price Qty
110651090 Tee piece assembly 2 way SIPS 10 1pk
110585790 Tee piece assembly 3 way SIPS 20 1pk
Agilent Spectroscopy Supplies Catalogue 2023 (6.81 MB)
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