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Thermo Scientific Manual Crimpers & Decappers

Use Thermo Scientific vial crimpers and decappers to manually attach or remove crimp caps from vials, respectively. These manual crimpers and decappers are available in 8 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, and 20 mm sizes and allow you to easily seal or remove crimp caps reliably.

Part Number Short Description Thread Size Vial Type Pack Size Price Qty
60180-CR11 Manual Crimper for 11mm Caps, Red, 1pk 11 mm Crimper 1
60180-CR13 Manual Crimper for 13mm Caps, Red, 1pk 13 mm Crimper 1
60180-CR20 Manual Crimper for 20mm Caps, Red, 1pk 20 mm Crimper 1
60180-CR20SS Manual Crimper for 20mm Caps, Stainless Steel, 1pk 20 mm Crimper 1
60180-CR8 Manual Crimper for 8mm Caps, Red, 1pk 8 mm Crimper 1
60180-DCR11 Manual Decapper for 11mm Caps, Black, 1pk 11 mm Decapper 1
60180-DCR13 Manual Decapper for 13mm Caps, Black, 1pk 13 mm Decapper 1
60180-DCR20 Manual Decapper for 20mm Caps, Black, 1pk 20 mm Decapper 1
  • Crimping tools provide a reproducible, secure vial closure
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • High quality construction for durability and long life
  • Fine textured surface (powder coated) for a better grip and corrosion resistance
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