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Thermo Scientific Vial Racks

Vial Racks from Thermo Scientific

Save space in the fridge while ensuring a safe working position on the bench and during transport. Available in a various materials, colours and capacities, Thermo Scientific National and Chromacol Vial Racks meet a variety of application needs.

Choose from an assortment of chemically resistant and fairly robust racks.

Thermo Scientific vial racks can be used to efficiently hold and organize chromatography vials for everyday use or for storage. Stacking racks save space in the refrigerator, and racks with lids keep vials in place during transport. Available in a choice of materials, colours, and capacities to meet a variety of application needs.

Part Number Short Description Type Material Pack Size Colour Price Qty
B-100 Plastic Box Trays Holds 100 Vials with 12mm OD, Multi-coloured, 5pk Chromacol Polypropylene 5 5 assorted colours (red, yellow, blue, green, natural)
C4000-MS 6 Drawer Mini Storeroom Holds 500 12 x 32mm Vials National 1 Blue
C4015-25 Polypropylene Vial rack Holds 50 15 x 45mm Vials National Polypropylene 1 Blue
T-28 Aluminium Sci-Rack Holds 28 Vials with 22mm OD, Silver, 5pk Chromacol Anodised Aluminium 5 Silver
6EVR1232B Vial Rack, for 12 x 32mm Vials, 50 Cavities, Polypropylene, Blue, 1pk SureStart Polypropylene 1 Blue
  • Aluminium and plastic models are temperature resistant from -90 to +121°C (-130 to +250°F)
  • Aluminium and plastic models are autoclavable
  • Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification
  • Racks can be stacked for efficient storage
  • Six drawer mini-storeroom holds 500 vials and closures
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