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Torches and Components

Torch and Components from Agilent

Comprised of three Concentric Quartz tubes through which streams of argon gas pass. Three streams = plasma, auxiliary, and nebulizer (carrier) gas.

The Quartz torch is not suitable for samples containing hydrofluoric acid. It must be completely dried before installing and igniting the plasma. The torch should be replaced if chipped, cracked or distorted.

Part Number Short Description Material Price Qty
G1833-66011 Alignment Plate for RF Coil ICP-MS
G1833-65421 Bonnet quartz for shield torch 1pk
G8400-60327 Clamptorch ball joint connector1pk
G1833-65419 Pt shield Plate long life ICP-MS 1pk
G3280-60638 RF Coil ICP-MS 1pk Methyl Deactivated UltiMetal
G3280-80081 Torch quartz 1.0mm injector tapered for ICP-MS
G3280-80080 Torch quartz 1.5mm injector taper for ICP-MS
G3280-80053 Torch quartz 2.5mm id for ICP-MS
G8400-60434 Work coil assembly 7800/7900 ICP-MS 1pk
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