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Ultra-micro Cells

Ultra-micro Cells from Agilent

These cells are specifically designed for use in the µL range (down to 50 µL). These cells fit into any standard cell holder and have the advantage of requiring much smaller sample volumes than standard cells. The cells are constructed so that filling and emptying can be easily accomplished with commonly available pipette tips. Ultra-micro cells with Eppendorf pipette filling/emptying are designed to handle extremely small volumes. When only a minimum amount of sample is available, these cells provide a filling volume only slightly larger than the measuring chamber volume.

Part Number Short Description Path Length Volume Price Qty
5062-2496 Ultra-micro rect cell UV 10 mm 70uL 1pk 10 mm 70 uL
  • Agilent high-precision cells are certified to meet the highest optical standards
  • Every Agilent cell comes with a test certificate
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