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Vacuum Pump Supplies for GC-MS

Vacuum Pump Supplies for GC-MS from Agilent

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy and performance of Agilent's GC-MS systems, a range of vacuum pump supplies are available. These supplies include foreline and diffusion pump supplies such as oil mist filter kits, gauge tubes for measuring vacuum, and pump oil. Additional pump supplies and tubing can also be provided and all components and replacement parts are manufactured to high levels of quality and consistency.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
6040-1444 AVF 60 Gold Oil 1
6040-0468 Lubricant oil, 250mL 250 mL
G1960-80039 Oil Mist Filter MS40+ 1
6040-0809 Santovac 5P Ultra 18.5mL, 2 required for Agilent 5975 and 5973 Series 18.5 mL
6040-0819 Vacuum Pump fluid 128mL 128 mL

Diffusion Pump

It is not necessary to change the diffusion pump fluid more than once a year, unless you observe symptoms that suggest a problem with the fluid. The MSD must be vented in order to check the diffusion pump fluid (except for the 5977/5975/5973). Therefore, the best time to check the fluid is when the instrument is already vented for other maintenance.

Foreline Pump

The oil in the foreline or rough pump should be replaced on average once every six months, but can vary depending upon applications. If a foreline trap is present, the molecular sieves should also be replaced after an oil change.

Avoid contact with the pump oil. The residue from some samples may be toxic. Dispense of used oil properly.

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