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Vacuum Supplies

Vacuum Supplies from Agilent

A range of vacuum supplies including oil and oil mist filters to maintain your Agilent ICP-MS system.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
5069-4478 Foreline Pump Fluid (Fomblin 06/6) 2 kg
5063-9153 Odor element for oil mist Filter (E2M18)
1535-4970 Oil Element for EMF20 Outlet Mist Filter
9499342M002 Oil Mist Filter element DS402 vacuum Pump
9499392M004 Oil Mist Filter kit DS402 Vacuum Pump
3162-1056 Oil Mist Filter kit for E1M18/E2M28
5042-4790 O-Ring for Vacuum chamber Viton 1pk Used with ICP-MS
G1833-65332 O-Rings for vent Valve Viton 2pk
  • When plasma is ON, check pump oil level every three months
  • Maintain oil level between max and min levels on the gauge
  • Standard frequency for changing the oil is approximately every six months
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