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VersaPlate from Agilent

The Agilent VersaPlate allows you to process more samples in less time with less waste. In its 96-well format, tubes are removable making this system easier to implement, simpler to use, and far more flexible than conventional 96-well formats. Whether you need to speed the processing of hundreds of samples, validate just a few samples, or develop a new method, you can customize the configuration to meet your needs.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
75400000 VersaPlate 96-well Base Plate 1
12236104 VersaPlate Complete Shimset 1
12236103 VersaPlate Manifold Bottom Only 1
12236101 VersaPlate Manifold Complete 1
12236105 VersaPlate Manifold Replacement Gasket Bottom 1
12236107 VersaPlate Tube Removal Tool 1
  • Choose the level of automation that best suits your needs while you use the 96-well plate format or create your own customized plates
  • Develop an SPE method faster using liquid handling automation or multi-channel pipettes, or use individual tubes to quickly work out method conditions and transfer to 96-well processing
  • Use only the number of wells you need for each run to save on sample preparation costs while still enjoying all the benefits of automation
  • Increased well depth reduces the risk of overflow and flangeless, beveled rims provide a tight fit to help avoid cross contamination
  • Scale up using the exact same product that was used with small scale development
Agilent Sample Preparation Catalogue (22.25 MB)
Consumable items for sample preparation from Agilent
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