CHROMacademy, the world’s largest eLearning platform for chromatography and mass spectrometry, today launched its groundbreaking solution for training new recruits in the analytical lab – New Recruits Training Course. CHROMacademy is a joint venture between us at Element and LCGC, a leading provider of digital and print content to the separation science market

The New Recruits Training Course sets a new standard for equipping analysts with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the lab from day one. This comprehensive course seamlessly integrates with in-house mentor-led training, providing a consistent source of high-quality knowledge while drastically reducing the training time required. 

Dr Dawn Watson, CHROMacademy Product Manager, states: "Our New Recruits Training Course addresses a critical challenge in the industry - how to effectively and cost-efficiently train new analysts. By blending essential wet chemistry techniques, instrument setup, and comprehensive understanding of separation science theory, we're reshaping the way laboratories prepare new talent."

Subscribers to CHROMacademy's annual plan, priced at $469 (£349), gain access not only to this game-changing course but the entire library of training content for analysts at all levels of experience. This covers all the key applications: HPLC, GC, mass spectrometry, basic lab skills, sample preparation, data analysis, and biochromatography.

The numbers speak for themselves: on average, nurturing a new analyst up to a basic level of competence costs around $15,000 and typically consumes over 20 hours of internal resources, spanning 12 weeks. CHROMacademy's forward-thinking course can eliminate this overhead by arming new analysts with the skills they need right from the start.

The training course encompasses a range of fundamental laboratory skills, such as pipetting, weighing, and utilizing volumetric lab equipment, as well as comprehensive sample preparation techniques. Additionally, it provides a primer on the intricate world of HPLC and GC techniques. This multifaceted approach ensures that new recruits are not only competent but also confident in their roles.

"Imagine the savings and benefits of having a skilled analyst from day one," Dr Watson emphasizes. "Investing in your training courses is a cost-effective strategy, especially when you consider the significant expenses associated with lab operation and analyst employment."

Furthermore, CHROMacademy's training has the potential to save money by mitigating errors. Analysts with less than two years of experience currently exhibit a 1 in 20 failure rate, which can translate to substantial costs. By providing a robust foundation of knowledge, CHROMacademy aims to empower new recruits to get the basics correct, effectively reducing errors.

Beyond immediate cost savings, CHROMacademy's approach helps foster a culture of continuous learning. The platform covers the entire analytical workflow spectrum, from basic lab skills to advanced theory and techniques. It not only bridges the gap to industry standards but also lightens the training load on existing staff, promotes consistent learning across organizations, and enhances problem-solving abilities.

Labs are urged to explore the transformative power of eLearning by engaging with CHROMacademy's team. Modernize your training strategies and elevate your lab's success in this ever-competitive landscape.