Introducing the DandyVice from AMT and Dandy Innovations

It’s not often that we have a new product that really gets us excited, and we notice it happens most with the simple products, and things that improve health, safety or comfort for lab staff. This is exactly what the DandyVice does!

This handy tool takes away the strain when performing syringe filtration, something our technical team wishes they had when they wer elab based. The memories came rushing back of stiff thumbs, hand cramp and the plunger circle that ends up imprinted on your palm for what seems like way too long! For anyone that has spent much time performing syringe filtration. this will sound familiar.

You start off using the “correct method”, pushing the plunger with your thumb, and as that starts to get painful and cramp sets in, you move to applying pressure with another finger or eventually your palm instead, which takes less effort, but eventually the cramp spreads, so that gets just as painful too. By the end of your batch of samples, you’re most likely hunched over the bench with a couple of extra filters in the waste, burst out of pure frustration… not just us, right?

Although there hasn’t been extensive research directly on the impacts of syringe filtration, there have been several studies looking at the impact of lab work on musculoskeletal problems [1,2] and some specifically on the use of pipettes [3,4]. In short, there are many aspects of lab work that can contribute to pain, strain and general discomfort. Hand and neck strain from syringe filtration though is no longer one we need to worry about!

The DandyVice is such a simple idea! Like the name would suggest, it uses a vice like mechanism together with an ergonomic design, to make life a little easier on the user. Rather than using the strength of a thumb or finger (or palm) against the small circular top of the plunger, pressure can be applied using the entire arm, with a comfortably designed handle. Additionally, there are options for wall mounting, or for a table stand with adjustable height. This helps to ensure you maintain good posture and relieve some of the strain from your neck and back too.

While we’re never likely to remove all risks from working in a lab environment, this simple, inexpensive solution can make a big impact in your lab. Give your analysts something that will improve their health and comfort in the lab. Reach out to your account manager for more information on pricing and mounting options, or check out the product page here.


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