By Colin Towers

Gas filters — those dust-covered tubes that sit behind the GC. Most GCs have them. But what do they do? Why do we need them? How do we get the best out of them? Do they allow us to use lower grade helium? What order do we place them in?

All these questions, and more, are answered in this 10-minute guide. These enigmatic little critters do so much to protect your GC column and preserve the quality of the results you generate but it often goes unnoticed. No more!

They might not rank high on anyone’s list of the most exciting topics, but gas filters are essential.

If you only watch one video about gas filters, you owe it to yourself to see this one.

Touted by one reviewer as ’Excruciatingly banal - 5 Stars’ and by another as ’Breathtakingly mundane - 5 Stars’