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Gas Clean Filter Supplies

Gas Clean Filter Supplies from Agilent

The Agilent Gas Clean Filter System delivers clean gases, reducing the risks of column damage, sensitivity loss, and instrument downtime. Inserting a Gas Clean Filter System in the gas line immediately before the instrument inlet greatly reduces the level of impurities, thus improving trace analysis. Contaminants entering your GC column will also be reduced, which is critical for high temperature analysis and essential for longer column lifetime.

Replacing the filters when they have reached absorption capacity ensures maximum protection of your GC columns and analytical hardware. The sensitive indicators change color, alerting you that the filter needs to be replaced.

A Gas Clean Filter System allows you to use 99.996% (4.6) pure helium instead of the more expensive 99.999% (5.0) or 99.9999% (6.0) grade, while still yielding high quality analytical results. The expected cost savings are 30%.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
CP741648 1/16in Male Connector, SS
CP7980 1-position Connecting Unit 1/4in
CP7988 1-position Connecting Unit 1/8in
CP738406 2-position Connecting Unit 1/4in
CP738407 2-position Connecting Unit 1/8in
CP7989 4-position Connecting Unit 1/4in 1
CP736520 4-position Connecting Unit 1/8in
CP17982 CO2 Filter Kit with 1/4in Connections
CP17983 CO2 Filter Kit with 1/8in Connections
CP7978 Filter Connecting Unit -no basePlate
CP7952 Filter In-line dust 1/8in
CP7987 Flush Head for Connecting Unit
CP17978 Gas Clean Carrier Gas Filter installation kit
CP17977 Gas Clean Carrier Gas Filter kit (1/4in)
CP17976 Gas Clean Carrier Gas Filter kit (1/8in)
CP17988 Gas Clean Carrier Gas Kit for 7890
CP17973 Gas Clean Filter Carrier Gas 1
CP17969 Gas Clean Filter CO2
CP7995 Gas Clean Filter FID Kit 1/4in
CP736530 Gas Clean Filter FID Kit 1/8in
CP17972 Gas Clean Filter Hydrocarbon 1
CP17974 Gas Clean Filter Kit for Carrier Gas
CP17975 Gas Clean Filter Kit for Carrier Gas
CP738408 Gas Clean Filter Kit for TCD
CP17971 Gas Clean Filter Moisture 1
CP17970 Gas Clean Filter Oxygen 1
CP17990 Gas Clean Filter SCD Kit
CP17981 Gas Clean Filter Starter Kit for TCD/ECD
CP17989 Gas Clean Filter Sulfur
CP179880 Gas Clean Kit for 8890 and 8860 GC
CP179885 Gas Clean Sensor
CP17984 High Flow Connecting Unit (1/4in)
CP17985 High Flow Connecting Unit (1/8in)
CP7986 Male Connector 1/4in with dust Filter
CP82117 Male Connector 1/8in with dust Filter
CP743057 Pencil Filter 100pct Charcoal
CP743056 Pencil Filter 50pct Charcoal/ 50pct Mol
CP7980P4 Process Connecting Unit 1/4in Gas Clean 1-position stainless steel Process Connecting unit, 1/4in 
CP7988P8 Process Connecting Unit 1/8in Gas Clean 1-position stainless steel Process Connecting unit, 1/8in
CP7988P3 Process Connecting Unit 3mm Gas Clean 1-position stainless steel Process Connecting unit, 3mm
CP7980P6 Process Connecting Unit 6mm Gas Clean 1-position stainless steel Process Connecting unit 6mm
CP17971P Process Gas Clean Filter Moisture 1
CP7983 Replacement Viton o-rings connecting unit, 2pk 2
5043-0403 Ring Nut Gas Clean Filter System
CP7986SS SS Male Connector 1/4in with dust Filter
CP82117SS SS Male Connector 1/8in with dust Filter
CP82117SS3 SS Male Connector 3mm with dust Filter
CP7986SS6 SS Male Connector 6mm with dust Filter
CP7981 Wall Mounting Bracket Gas Clean, for 1-position connecting unit only 
  • Deliver clean gases for accurate analyses
  • Fast, leak-free filter replacement reduces downtime
  • Economical, with immediate payback
  • Highly sensitive filter indicators provide maximum instrument protection
  • Smart sensor for the Gas Clean Filter on the 8890/8860 monitors the chemical indicators for filter saturation
  Function Indicator color change Capacity Outlet concentration at operating flow of 1-10 L/min
Oxygen Filter Removes oxygen as well as traces of sulfur and chlorine compounds from carrier gas From green to gray 150 mL oxygen <50 ppb
Moisture Filter/Process Moisture Filter Removes water, oil, and other foreign material from the carrier gas From green to pale brown 7.2 g water <0.1 ppm
Charcoal Filter Removes organic compounds from gas streams No indicator Approximately 7 g, depending on impurities <0.1 ppm
Carrier Gas Filter Single combination filter; removes water, oxygen, and organic compounds Oxygen: from green to gray Moisture: from green to pale brown 100 mL oxygen, 1 g water, organics depending on impurities Oxygen <50 ppb Moisture <0.1 ppm Organics <0.1 ppm
CO2 Filter Removes CO2 from gas stream; to be used in combination with Moisture Filter From white to violet 9 g CO2 <1 ppm
Sulfur Filter Removes water and sulfur specific compounds like H2S, COS and SO2 from gas streams From green to pale brown 5.3 g water. 2-7 g Sulfur compounds, depending on impurities. Moisture < 0.1 ppm
Sulfur < 0.1 ppm
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