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HPLC Troubleshooting

1 Day

Resolving a problem with HPLC is usually straightforward. Finding the root cause of the problem within the complex environment of an HPLC analysis is much more challenging. This training seeks to develop a process driven approach to troubleshooting the entire holistic process, allowing delegates to develop skills to be able to tackle any problems.

These  skills are applied within a strongly workshop driven environment, where we use many of the most common issues seen with HPLC analysis to consolidate the taught practices.

This is a challenging module and delegates should already have a good understanding of the HPLC process and associated instrumentation.

  • How the chromatographic process takes place
  • The architecture of a LC system
  • Working principles and problems associated with each component of the system
  • How to use chromatograms to troubleshoot chromatographic problems
  • Best practices for column use and care
  • Best practice in system maintenance and performance evaluation

The troubleshooting process

  • Getting the full picture
  • Instrument benchmarking

Precisions Issues

Troubleshooting Contamination Issues

  • Extra peaks
  • Carryover
  • Baseline disturbances

Troubleshooting Column Related Problems

  • Physical column damage
  • Pressure issues
  • Fronting / tailing peaks
  • Split peaks / shoulders
  • Preventing column issues

Sensitivity Issues

  • High noise
  • Low signal

Overview of Tackling Method Related Issues

Tackling Issues Related to Analyst Error

  • Common errors during preparation
  • Calculation errors

This course is designed for those relatively new to LC and ideally will follow-on from attendance to the Fundamental LC training course.

Some previous knowledge of gas chromatography and basic experience are recommended but not essential.

HPLC Operator

Understanding HPLC

HPLC Method Development

Calibration and Quantitation



Post event learning 

Take your HPLC troubleshooting learning further by understanding the fundamentals of how your HPLC system works.

To help you build upon the knowledge gained from attending our HPLC Troubleshooting training course, we have collated our CHROMacademy animated and video content for you to access at any time in support of the taught training material. You will also find some extra practical information and exercises for you to fully hone your skills.


Topics include:

  • Instrument animations – pump
  • Instrument animations – autosampler
  • Instrument maintenance videos – Agilent pump
  • Instrument maintenance videos – Agilent autosampler
  • Instrument maintenance videos – Agilent UV detector
  • Column cleaning/regeneration procedureAdditional exercises
  • What next?
  • Ask the tutor



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