By Josep M. Serret

Sample preparation is a critical part of every analytical procedure, and one of the greatest practical challenges faced by all types of laboratories. The quality of the prepared sample has a direct impact on the accuracy and precision of analytical results; as well as the validity, robustness and reproducibility of research, clinical trials, process development...

Liquid handling, pipetting and dilution, reagent additions, liquid-liquid or solid-liquid extractions are tedious, repetitive, and often hazardous operations. Highly trained scientists and lab technicians spend hundreds of hours carrying out these monotonous tasks, often resulting in lapses of concentration, errors, accidents, and low job satisfaction. Automated systems are perfect for this type of work. They do not get bored, tired, or suffer repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and they can free us, their human counterparts, to do more rewarding and valuable work.

We have already seen automated systems entering our labs, and it is clear that we will experience a revolution in lab automation in the coming years. Element are getting ready to support you on this exciting new journey.

Check out the infographic below to see how automation can benefit your lab below.

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