Experience the power of precision chromatography with Agilent's latest innovation, the InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Aq-C18 range of reversed phase HPLC columns. This new phase delivers enhanced retention for challenging, highly polar analytes using 100% aqueous mobile phases, without phase collapse or de-wetting.

The Poroshell Aq-C18 columns offer an alternative selectivity compared to traditional columns, delivering improved retention and separation for early eluting polar compounds. These columns excel under 100% aqueous conditions and ensure the stability you need for precise analyses.

Reproducibility, Scalability, and Versatility

Built on the trusted Poroshell technology, the Aq-C18 columns provide batch-to-batch reproducibility and seamless scalability across all analytical HPLC and UHPLC systems — your chromatographic results will remain consistent and reliable.

With a working pH range between 1 and 8, the Aq-C18 phase accommodates a wide spectrum of analytical requirements, making it suitable for low pH level analysis as well.

Deal With Complex Mixtures of Analytes

The Poroshell Aq-C18 is designed to deliver advanced throughput and resolution, making it an ideal choice for applications involving polar compounds. Whether you're analyzing water-soluble vitamins or organic acids, this column is perfectly suited.

You can also tackle the problem of analysing complex mixtures of compounds confidently with the Poroshell Aq-C18 columns. Engineered with controlled bonding density, these columns enhance retention for both challenging polar compounds and non-polars in a single analytical run. Applications include impurity profiling and TCM fingerprinting.

The Poroshell Aq-C18 phase is compliant with USP designation L1, making it the recommended choice for regulated methods requiring a C18 column with L1 designation, such as EP, ChP, and China GB.

Explore the Full Poroshell Range

These columns are the latest addition to Agilent's InfinityLab Poroshell portfolio of superficially porous particle columns for HPLC and UHPLC applications. The Poroshell Aq-C18 phase marks the 20th phase available from this renowned portfolio.

In addition to the Poroshell Aq-C18 columns, Element Lab Solutions proudly offers the complete Poroshell phase portfolio. Safeguard your column's stationary phase with Poroshell guard columns to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Master your polar molecules and elevate your chromatography game with Agilent's InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Aq-C18 HPLC columns. Experience precision, reliability, and versatility in your analysis like never before.