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HPLC Method Transfer

1 Day

This training provides looks at the techniques employed in the troubleshooting of methods showing problems during method transfer.

Methods required for routine analysis often exhibit problems when transferred to other sites or stepped up to use in support of large sample numbers. Pinpointing the root cause of these problems is time-consuming and requires a lot of experience.

This training builds a foundation of understanding of the background to many of the common causes – mobile phase design, columns and differences in equipment design. It then takes that knowledge to build a troubleshooting process that can be applied to real-world troubleshooting. 

Video Walk-through

  • Overview of method validation
  • The HPLC method, robustness and assessing parameter performance
  • HPLC mobile phases
  • Critical information about HPLC columns
  • Common problems

Method Validation

  • Overview of the validation process
  • Reproducibility and method transfer

The HPLC method

  • Formal testing for method robustness
  • Factor hazard and risk
  • Method parameters
  • Assessing factor criticality

HPLC mobile phases

  • pH, pKa
  • mobile phase additives
  • Gradient elution

HPLC columns

  • Physical parameters
  • Chemical selectivity
  • Column protection

Common problems

  • Issues relating to mobile phase
  • Issues relating to the column
  • Issues relating to sample preparation
  • Issues relating to differences in instrument design

This course is designed for those who want to gain an insight into the common issues encountered during HPLC method transfer.

Delegates should have a good prior understanding of HPLC.

Understanding HPLC

Analytical method validation

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