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Forced Degradation Training

This course will look at why forced degradation is so important to stability indicating methods and where it fits into the method development and validation cycle. We will examine the associated regulatory guidelines and how these translate into a practical experimental design. 

  • The basics of organic structure and functional groups
  • UV chromaphores, UV detection and impurity visualisation
  • Forced degradation study and limitations
  • Overview of common degradation mechanisms
  • Peak purity evaluation
  • Mass balance
  • Response Factors


This is a live, online course, delivered by one of our trainers.  The course duration is 4 hours (including a couple of breaks). It is an interactive session with the opportunity to ask questions throughout. On completion, every attendee will receive a course certificate and access to free support from any of the technical experts at Crawford Scientific.

What you will learn

  • The background of why forced degradation is done
  • The limitation of UV/DAD detection
  • Typical forced degradation experiments
  • How to determine peak purity and mass balance

Who this course for

This course is for anyone looking for an insight into how and why forced degradation studies are done. Ideal for anyone developing or validating stability indicating HPLC methods. 

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