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Optimising Sample Preparation

1 Day

Ensure that you pick the right sample prep technique and learn how to get the best of it

Sample preparation training can help you learn or brush up on different techniques such as Liquid/Liquid Extraction (LLE), QuEChERS and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), among others, no matter your level of experience. Learn the absolute essentials and method development tips and tricks and apply this knowledge for the betterment of your lab workflow.

A comprehensive one-day course designed to increase expertise and optimise method development time for all users of sample preparation and SPE in particular. 

The course is backed with a host of explanatory images and multimedia material from our range of e-learning products. Practical examples are included to reinforce the learning experience.

  • The need for sample preparation
  • The range of techniques available for sample clean-up
  • Liquid/liquid Extraction (LLE) and Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)
  • QuEChERS
  • Phospholipid Removal
  • The basics of SPE and practical considerations
  • Sorbent Selection, retention mechanisms and generic protocols
  • What are the various extraction techniques offered by SPE
  • Method development and protocol troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation considerations

The need for sample preparation

Choosing a sample preparation technique

Dilution, filtration and centrifugation

Liquid/Liquid Extraction (LLE)

  • Basic principles
  • Major benefits and limitations
  • Tips and tricks for method development
  • Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE): Benefits and generic protocols


Phospholipd Removal

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

SPE Sorbent Substrates

Protocol Steps in SPE

  • Hydrophobic or Non-Polar Groups
  • Polar Groups
  • Ionic Groups
  • Chelating Groups

Molecular Properties

  • Hydrophobic or Non-Polar Groups
  • Polar SPE
  • Ionic Groups
  • Chelating Groups

SPE Mechanisms

  • Non-polar SPE
  • Polar SPE
  • Cation-Exchange SPE
  • Anion-Exchange SPE
  • Mixed-Mode SPE

SPE Method Development

  • Analyte Assessment
  • Mechanism Selection
  • Sorbent Screening
  • Procedure Optimization

This course is for LC or GC analysts or method developers who need to master the principles of major sample preparation techniques, including Solid Phase Extraction, to design and implement effective protocols.

Knowledge of chromatography and a basic grounding in chemistry are beneficial. Previous experience of sample preparation and SPE will also be advantageous.

GC Headspace

Understanding HPLC

Operating & Understanding GC

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