Sample Preparation Training

1 Day Course

Chromacademy eLearning

Sample preparation training can help you learn or brush up on solid phase extraction, no matter your level of experience. Learn the absolute essentials of SPE and apply this knowledge for the betterment of your lab workflow. 

  • We limit numbers to 20 per course so that each delegate gets the opportunity to ask questions and fully participate in tutorial exercises 
  • When delivered on-site we can design the course material to suit your specific training needs
  • Customisable written assessments are available if required



Course Overview

A comprehensive one day course designed to increase expertise and optimise method development time for all users of solid phase extraction as a means of sample preparation. 

The course is backed with a host of explanatory images and multimedia material from our range of e-learning products. Practical examples are included to reinforce the learning experience.

Who is this course for

This course is for LC or GC analysts or method developers who need to master the principles of Solid Phase Extraction in order to design and implement effective SPE protocols.

Previous knowledge

Knowledge of chromatography and a basic grounding in chemistry are beneficial. Previous experience using SPE will be also be advantageous.

What you will learn

  • The basics of SPE and practical considerations
  • Sorbent Selection
  • What are the various extraction techniques offered by SPE
  • Method development and protocol troubleshooting


Course Outline

SPE Sorbent Substrates

Protocol Steps in SPE

  • SPE Sample Pre-treatment
  • SPE Column Conditioning
  • SPE Column Equilibration
  • Sample Loading
  • Column Washing
  • Analyte Elution

Molecular Properties

  • Hydrophobic or Non-Polar Groups
  • Polar Groups
  • Ionic Groups
  • Chelating Groups

SPE Mechanisms

  • Non-polar SPE
  • Polar SPE
  • Cation-Exchange SPE
  • Anion-Exchange SPE
  • Mixed-Mode SPE

SPE Method Development

  • Analyte Assessment
  • Mechanism Selection
  • Sorbent Screening
  • Procedure Optimization